About our Schools

About Our School

Plainview School has celebrated over 100 years of educational excellence. The original Plainview District was laid out and organized in March 1909 with school officially opening as Plainview School on November 1, 1909.  The five acres for the original Plainview Campus were purchased from Emma L. Poland on April 19, 1909, for two hundred and fifty dollars. Since this time the Plainview Campus has grown to over 75 acres with an infrastructure second to none in southern Oklahoma.
The Plainview Public School District encompasses 74 square miles, extending as far south as the Love County line and as far north as Caddo Creek. Our school serves 1,400 students at four sites in grades PK-12.
Plainview Schools take pride in offering a wide variety of programs. Programs are diverse to meet the needs of individual students from a diverse student population. Plainview Schools have developed a state-wide reputation for challenging the status quo of education. Academics, fine arts, technology, athletics, vocational training through Southern Oklahoma Technology Center, and college coursework through the Ardmore Higher Education Center have allowed Plainview Schools to serve as a leader in providing for excellence in education to all students.
We believe that all students can learn when instructed in an environment of caring highly qualified teachers. Plainview teachers meet the highest state standards, allowing each one to be considered highly qualified under the standards outlined by the State of Oklahoma. Our highly qualified faculty allows our schools to offer rigorous balanced academic programs designed to give each student the opportunity to achieve academic success for entry into college or the work force.
When compared to other school districts in the State of Oklahoma, Plainview Schools’ students have consistently scored in the top 1% from the elementary grades through high school. There are no weak links in Plainview Schools; only highly qualified and motivated teachers seeking to help each individual student find their niche to allow for success. Plainview High School was nominated and has been selected to represent Oklahoma as one of six “Blue Ribbon Schools.” Both the Plainview Primary Elementary and Plainview Intermediate Elementary secured a perfect score of “1500” on the Oklahoma Academic Performance Index (API). Both Plainview Middle School, as well as Plainview High School, had the highest API scores for a high school and middle school in Oklahoma. These fantastic scores secured Plainview Schools as the top scoring public school in the State of Oklahoma.

Plainview Schools are blessed to have a strong property tax base. Our strong property values have allowed for the construction and maintenance of our facilities at the highest level, while keeping our property tax burden to our patrons very reasonable and competitive. 

Plainview Schools understand the importance of modern up-to-date facilities. Over the past several years Plainview Schools have increased their campus size by 65% with new construction and major renovations on seventy-eight percent of the existing pre-1995 campus. Our most recent bond issue provided for renovations at our elementary, middle school, and high school campuses. This same bond issue is allowing for the construction of new elementary classrooms and a new field house at our sports complex.

Although proud of our many achievements, we also are committed to continuous improvement.  Plainview Schools are part of a growing and vibrant community that recognizes the value of education and works in partnership with other schools to promote excellence. Strong partnerships with the Ardmore community can be found through the Ardmore Cornerstone Educational Project and the passage of a ¼ cent city sales tax for schools that is shared with the Ardmore City Schools. 
The Cornerstone Educational Project provides funding for assistance to Plainview and Ardmore Schools to recruit the best teachers in hard to find teaching areas, financial incentives to reward our best teachers, and assistance with analyzing our test data for continuous improvement. Plainview Schools’ portion of the city sales tax is used entirely for instructional needs associated with the classroom.
Each Plainview student has the opportunity to be a part of the total school program. Plainview students are encouraged to be active participants in community activities, academics, fine arts, as well as athletics. Our faculty and staff are committed to providing our students, parents, and patrons courteous and professional services to allow for the success of each of our students.The Plainview faculty and staff stand ready to serve your child should you choose to become a member of the Plainview family.