New Students

New Student Enrollment


You may fill out the forms in advance or fill them out once you arrive and follow the procedure below:

Once you have filled out all forms, you will visit the initial tables, and they will collect all forms listed in further detail below.  When you finish at these tables, you will visit the appropriate building tables.  Each building table will have pertinent information/items for you.  If you choose to purchase any items from the building, present the receipt sheet to the table for recording.  Once you have visited the building tables, visit the cashiers’ area to make your purchases and to leave your receipt sheet.

General Information on the Forms:

The family folder you will be provided should contain all the paperwork necessary to enroll your student(s).  Please read the directions carefully as some paperwork is per student and some is per family.  Be sure to sign and date each form.

Receipt Sheet

This is the first sheet in the packet and will be filled out per family.  Staff at each table will help you with this form.  Please indicate all areas you will be paying for upon conclusion of the enrollment process.  NOTE:  Regardless of whether you have any payment or not, this sheet must be turned into the cashier at the end of your enrollment.

The following forms will be completed per family:

  • Verification of Residency:  You will need this sheet and the proper documentation to begin the enrollment process. (Examples:  electric/water/gas/deed/tax statement).  You will also need a photo ID. 
  • Free and Reduced:  Please list all students enrolling on step 1.
  • McKinney-Vento:  List each student enrolling and complete the appropriate Section A or B.
  • Internet Access Agreement:  List each student on the form you are enrolling and have the student(s) sign the form.
  • Disclaimer Sheet:  List all students enrolling and check each appropriate box.

The following forms will be completed per student:

  • Student Contact:  Please review all information carefully per student and make corrections as needed.
  • Health: It is highly important we receive one form per student enrolling with all information completed.
  • Race and Ethnicity:  List the student enrolling and complete Part A and B.
  • Home Language Survey:  All new students will complete this form.