The Plainview Board of Education believes that it has a responsibility to seek only those employees who are qualified in every respect. The board further believes that it should avail itself of means and methods provided by the legislature to assist in the selection of employees. Therefore, it is the policy of this board of education to require a signed release from all prospective employees allowing a felony records check to be conducted as authorized by Oklahoma law. The records check may be initiated by the superintendent by making the school district’s written request to the appropriate agency.
Any person applying for employment as a substitute teacher shall only be required to have one such felony records search for the school year. Upon request of the substitute teacher, that felony records search results may be sent to any other school district in which the substitute teacher is applying to teach. (HB 1321)
The superintendent will determine whether to request a records check of the prospective employee’s name only, or a check of the prospective employee’s name and fingerprints. Further, the superintendent is authorized to request a state only check, or a state and national search. Such determinations will be made at the discretion of the superintendent.
If the superintendent requests that a national records search be conducted, the prospective employee will be required to furnish a fingerprint card to the Oklahoma state Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) and must pay to the OSBI the cost of the records search up to $50.00.
If the applicant for employment meets all other criteria for employment in this school district, the applicant may be employed on a temporary basis for up to sixty (60) days pending receipt of the felony records search results. If the applicant is offered permanent employment following the review of the records search, the OSBI search fee, if any, will be reimbursed in full.
REFERENCE:    70 O.S. s5-142
                                Board Minutes dated November 12, 1990
NOTE:                  A criminal record check of prospective teachers must be requested by the superintendent using a form supplied by the Department of Education. Since that form requires the employee’s signature, it is suggested that the form be obtained and used in accordance with this policy.
NOTE:                  School districts with more than 30,000 students may request background felony records checks directly from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.