In accordance with the policy of the board of education, the following procedures shall apply to all requests made by anyone wishing to approach the board and shall apply to faculty, staff and students of the district, as well as patrons and citizens:
1.  The nature of the individual’s or group’s purpose shall be established.
2.  The proper school officer responsible for the area to be discussed shall have be conferred with by the group or individual.
3.  The superintendent shall have conferred with the group or individual.
4.  The individual or group wishing to appear before the board shall so state in writing to the superintendent by 12:00 noon on the day the agenda is closed (Wednesday before the second Monday). The superintendent, at the superintendent’s discretion, may accept verbal notification with written notification to follow.
5.  The board, by majority vote after a proper motion, may agree to allow a group or individual to approach the board without being on the agenda when:
A.  Items 1-3 have been followed;
B.  The development of the subject to be discussed has transpired in such a way as to not allow the party with the request to be placed on the agenda (such as a time factor); and
C.  The party’s subject can be effectively dealt with only at that meeting rather than at a later meeting.
6.  Any group or individual completing items 1-4 above, will be allowed to approach the board on the stated subject and will not be denied this right.
7.  The board president will be responsible for direction the discussion and the questioning. The president of the board shall stop any discussion that is not pertinent or germane. Under usual circumstances, ten minutes will be considered enough time for the party to be heard. One individual will speak for a group and will be selected or identified prior to the presentation by the group.
8.  The board may, at its discretion, decide to postpone a decision or give direction for further study.  

Board Calendar 2023